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Golden Wings Alliance for the Conservation of the Golden-winged Warbler

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ProAves participated in the meeting of the Golden Wings Alliance at the invitation of American Bird Conservancy with the major objective of developing conservation strategies for the Golden Winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) in their non-breeding areas.

The meeting took place from May 30 to June 1, 2015 in Virginia, USA and was attended by various conservation organizations from Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and the United States.

During the three days of meetings the initial plans of activities for each country were presented defining the most important zones for conservation, in Colombia 4 major areas where conservation efforts will focus were defined:

The town of Anorí in the Chestnut – capped Piha Bird Reserve, the town of San Vicente de Chucuri where the Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve is located, the buffer area of Los Nevados National Natural Park and the coffee region of southwestern Antioquia; locations where ProAves has developed conservation processes and works with communities and environmental education.reunión alas

Likewise, the initial plan of proposed activities in each country and in each locality, these activities were proposed in response to the fulfillment of some goals that aim to minimize the threats identified by area.

These conservation processes focused on migratory species, such as those advanced by the Golden Wings Alliance not only benefit the focal species, also they reinforce processes developed locally and the biodiversity in general of Colombia.

Coming up soon, a comprehensive plan for the conservation of this species will be published.

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Reproductive behavior of the rusty-faced parrot

June 3, 2015 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 2385

In April 2009, a salting for rusty-faced parrots (Hapalopsittaca amazonina) was discovered in the ProAves Dusky Starfrontlet Bird Reserve, since knowing of the species we have monitored their particular behavior. The salting was discovered in April 2009 in the Dusky Starfrontlet Bird Reserve,

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1912 bird species in Colombia available online

June 3, 2015 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 2545

After several printed editions of the List of the Birds of Colombia in Conservación Colombiana Journal; ProAves publishes online the same list, reporting 1912 bird species for Colombia, maintaining our privileged first place as the most diverse country in the world in its avifauna. Download the


Impressive records from camera traps in the Andean Parrots Conservation Corridor in the Central Cordillera

June 3, 2015 • Destacados, últimas noticias, Uncategorized • Views: 2083

Pumas, spectacled bears, pavas, tapirs, deers and antpittas have been captured by the camera traps installed in the ProAves  Andean Parrots Birds Reserve and El Mirador property of the town of Genova. Their presence shows the biological value of protected areas and encourages us to take action to


Important Property for Endangered Colombian Bird Protected

May 26, 2015 • Destacados, últimas noticias, Uncategorized • Views: 1961

“Conservation Jewel” is World’s Second-Most Important Site for Threatened Birds and Amphibians Important habitat for a rare bird, Colombia’s endangered Santa Marta Parakeet, will now be protected following the purchase of a property by ProAves, a leading Colombian conservation organization


Chamicero del Perija ProAves reserve protects new species of Tapaculo

May 7, 2015 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 2356

A year after the creation of the Chamicero de Perijá Bird Reserve in Colombia, a new bird species found there has been formally described. The Perija Tapaculo (Scytalopus perijanus) was discovered by a team of Colombia scientists, led by Jorge Avendaño and Alex Cortes, in the Reserve in 2014.

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Reconcile with Nature, ProAves conservation strategy that promotes environmental awareness.

April 21, 2015 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1987

The Reconcile with Nature campaign achieved once more that a celebration of great religious significance could be lived in harmony with God and nature. During the celebration of Palm Sunday, ProAves in its line of Environmental Education, celebrated the Campaign Reconcile with Nature in Bogotá and

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Only 30 Percent of Cerulean Warbler Population Remains: Ten-Year Landscape Conservation Initiative in Colombia Aims to Help Reverse Declines

April 6, 2015 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1642

A ten-year effort carried out by three conservation groups has led to the establishment of a critical six-mile-long by half-mile wide conservation corridor in Colombia that provides important winter habitat for the iconic Cerulean Warbler, a small but spectacular bird that has seen its population

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ENVIRONMENTAL ALERT! Bulldozers are destroying the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

March 31, 2015 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 3315

Bulldozers open roads damaging the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Gaira River Basin (main tributary of the aqueduct of Santa Marta) and INSIDE El Dorado Bird Reserve, irreplaceable natural treasures of Colombia and the world. On March 30, 2015, more than 50 people from ProAves and the resident

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ProAves is working to consolidate the Local System of Protected Areas in Jardín, Antioquia

March 4, 2015 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1301

The Local System of Protected Areas in Jardín was created thanks to the initiative presented by ProAves and the Town Council of Jardín supported by the Universidad de Antioquia to the Government of Antioquia under the Community Initiatives Competition 2014. The creation of the Local System of


11 New properties of our reserves are part of SINAP

March 4, 2015 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1610

The Helmeted Curassow Bird Reserve and part of the Yellow-eared Parrot and the Orange – Breasted Falcon Reserve are now registered as Civil Society Reserves, 1378 acres are now part of the National System of Protected Areas SINAP. The newest and most important link is made in The Helmeted

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El Dorado Reserve permanent home of Santa Marta Parakeet

March 3, 2015 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1521

During four days in December last year, were carried out counts of one of the most endangered parrot in Colombia, the Santa Marta Parakeet. It was conducted at two places in the Natural Bird Reserve El Dorado, places where the species is abundant and there is a healthy habitat for their


Three new festivals join the party for conservation

December 22, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1543

The jaguar, the Tanagers and the Fuertes parrot already have their own festival. In 2014 we first celebrated the Jaguar Festival in Mapiripan, Meta; the Tangaras Festival in El Carmen de Atrato, Choco and the Fuertes’s Parrot Festival in Cajamarca, Tolima; regions in which ProAves have


Colombia is one of eight countries that cares least about its diversity

December 22, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1657

Colombia, Australia, China, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and the United States. These countries have a third of the global diversity of birds, mammals and amphibians, which partly explains why most of the losses are so concentrated. However, other megadiverse countries like Brazil, India


A National Alert: a new report highlights the dire situation for birds in Colombia.

November 28, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias, Uncategorized • Views: 3226

Thanks to hundreds of researchers a new publication highlights the serious problems facing birds in Colombia – establishing a barometer for the state of the environment in this, the richest country for birds on earth. For the first time, “The State of the Birds of Colombia”


Recovering The Tángaras Reserve forests

November 19, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1447

Since February 2014 nursery and reforestation activities have been developed in the Tangaras Bird Reserve, a nursery of 200m2 and an annual production of 15,000 seedlings of 12 different species, it is expected that 2014 will finish with 46 acres reforested. After almost a year since the


Anorí, a municipality committed to the conservation of its natural wealth.

November 19, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1579

ProAves participates in the Anorí Municipal Environmental Bureau, a process led by Corantioquia, where different activities are socialized, debated and coordinated, in partnership with the community and in the Environment’s benefit. The Municipal Environmental Bureaus are an interaction


15 years together in the conservation Festivals

November 19, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1649

8 Threatened Parrots Festivals, Migratory Birds & the Jaguar join the community in activities that promote and make visible the ongoing efforts to protect endangered species in Colombia. About 5.000 people will show the world their commitment to save many species from extinction through the

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Inclusive conservation with communities in the south of the country.

October 16, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1356

During the last years major approaches have been achieved with the community in the areas of influence of the ProAves reserves located in the departments of Nariño and Cauca.   Since their creation in the El Pangan (Nariño), Zamarrito del pinche (Cauca) and Rana Terribilis (Cauca) reserves, the


Discovered a species of plant in ProAves El Pangan Bird Reserve

October 15, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1628

During several field trips to the El Pangan Bird Reserve and other locations in the western cordillera of Colombia researchers made ​​an important discovery of a new plant species endemic to Colombia The discovery was published in the Phytotaxa Magazine by researchers Diana Gamba, Frank Almeda


1st illustration and photography contest: “Migratory Birds, Extreme Travelers”

October 10, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 2111

To celebrate International Migratory Bird Day on October 9th, ProAves is organizing the 1st contest of photography and illustration for active members: “Migratory Birds, Extreme Travelers”. IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY A MEMBER REGISTER NOW  Participate and win: two nights for two people in


494 additional acres for protection in perpetuity of the Blue-billed curassow

September 17, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 2220

With this major acquisition El Paujil Bird Reserve reaches 8448 acres of conservation for one of the most vulnerable ecosystems in Colombia, the tropical rainforest, protecting a wide range of endemic and critically endangered species. El Paujil Bird Reserve was created in 2003 is located in the


A promising future for Harlequin frogs in El Dorado Bird Reserve

September 17, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1752

Colombia is one of the richest countries on the planet in amphibian species, according to censuses conducted in the month of July, there is an encouraging abundance of these frogs at El Dorado Bird Reserve. This Biological group represents an ecologically valuable ecosystem given their importance

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Invitation to a workshop on the Alliance for Zero Extinction-Colombia

September 17, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1583

ProAves invites organizations and individuals working with different animal groups to participate in the workshop of the Alliance for Zero Extinction to be held in the framework of the IV Congress of Zoology 2014 in Cartagena. The workshop’s main objective is to integrate all conservation


ProAves launches the 2nd Edition of the Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia

September 5, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 3511

Today, the 2nd Edition of the Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia is published by Fundación ProAves. The book is almost twice as large as the original 2010 edition and almost entirely re-illustrated. With 4500 color illustrations, almost 2000 color range maps; a new mammal identification section,


Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia – 2nd Edition

September 5, 2014 • Destacados, Field Guides, últimas noticias, Uncategorized • Views: 16314

  Description: 4500 color illustrations, over 3500 new illustrations; almost 2000 color range maps; new mammal identification section with 60 common species. In 2013 Colombia became the first country to record a landmark 1900 species of birds, almost 20% of the world’s total. The figure


Hope for the last lowland Bears in Colombia

September 1, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1947

Recent records of the spectacled bear in ProAves reserves warn about the need to conserve the rainforests with the creation and strengthening of protected areas and the inclusion of the surrounding community. The ecosystem of the Colombian Magdalena Medio region has undergone a very rapid

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In the distant Colombian Orinoco, an educational venue replicates ProAves biological based education

September 1, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1453

In rural based educational venue, Policarpa Salvarrieta in el Anzuelo, Meta, Luis Alberto Pallares teacher and his rector Jairo Novoa, have shown that the remoteness and lack of resources are not an excuse to manage school activities aimed at conservation. Reaching the village of el Anzuelo takes


Visit the El Dorado Reserve, a paradise of birds

September 1, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 2412

El Dorado Bird Reserve, golden afternoons between mountains and sea. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is the paradise that every ornithologist and nature lover should visit and enjoy. El Dorado Bird Reserve was created in 2006 by ProAves to preserve one of the most fragile


Nature and Photography of unique species in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

August 22, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 2227

From June 27 to 30, the second theoretical-practical nature photo workshop was conducted by Foundación ProAves and Ecoturs called “Nature and Photography of unique species”. The event was held at El Dorado Bird Reserve, located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, village of Minca 2 hours from


Workshop with indigenous communities in Las Tangaras Reserve.

August 13, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1529

Las Tangaras Bird Reserve, located in the municipality of Carmen de Atrato, Chocó, was honored to receive a 15 community members of the indigenous reserve of La Puria and El Consuelo in order to make a practical theoretical workshop on seedling production nursery. The call was made ​​by the


One of the rarest parrots in the world, the Fuertes Parrot occupy artificial nests

August 13, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 3278

This record is very important since the Fuertes Parrot is an endemic species; it is Critically Endangered and is estimated to have a population of just over 300 individuals restricted to 74 acres in the ProAves Reserves of El Mirador, Loro Coroniazul, Giles Fuertesi and Loros Andinos. In June 2014


ProAves Reserve Linked to SINAP

August 13, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1535

The Niceforo’s Wren Bird Reserve is now registered as a Civil Society Reserve through resolution 057 of June 10 2014, being now part of the National System of Protected Areas. We are pleased to announce the union of a new nature reserve to the National System of Protected Areas SINAP (for its


Spectacular record of the Black-headed Spider monkey on the Titi Cabeza del Algodón Reserve

July 30, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 2419

21 individuals of the Black-headed Spider monkey (Ateles fusciceps), species critically endangered, were found on the Fundación ProAves Titi Cabeza del Algodón Reserve, within the framework of the Evaluation y Conservation project of the Black-headed Spider monkey. This primate, known by


ProAves Reserves are destination for migratory birds

July 30, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1474

With 25 activities of ProAves in 7 municipalities and the Colombian capital, we celebrated the International Migratory Bird Day 2014.  The World Migratory Bird Organization recorded this year’s celebration, as the most successful in history with more than 400 events in 90 countries. For this


Historical reproductive record of the Rusty-faced Parrot

July 30, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1655

We have a historical record of the Rusty-faced Parrots (Hapalopsittaca amazonina), 6 active nests with up to 3 chicks between March and June, in late March the first occupation was recorded and the first chicks were recorded in early June. In May, the count of 79 individuals was performed in the

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Creation of Reserve Offers First Protection for Threatened Colombian Ecosystem

July 22, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1613

ProAves, Rainforest Trust and Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) have announced the creation of the Chamicero de Perijá Nature Reserve, the first protected area in northern Colombia’s Serranía de Perijá mountain range. ProAves has acquired 11 adjacent properties that form the 1,850-acre


New strategy increases development sites for the most poisonous frog

June 6, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 2711

In order to increase the available sites for development of the tadpoles of the Golden Poison frog (Phyllobates terribilis), 84 coconut halves were installed in the Rana Terribilis Reserve, in 4 months 107 tadpoles in 41 coconuts were recorded. The Golden Poison or Terribilis frog (Phyllobates


Planning, Protected Areas and Environmental Education 2014 Meeting

June 6, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1763

The meeting was held in the Las Tanagers Bird Reserve between April 22 and 27 2014 and was attended by nearly 60 people, including administrators, teachers, wardens and area directors. The meeting was divided into 2 parts, during the first 3 days; each area presented the main achievements during


ProAves delivers more than 4300 plants during Palm Sunday

June 6, 2014 • Destacados, últimas noticias • Views: 1991

In 2014, Colombia was reconciled with nature. During the XIII version Reconcile with Nature campaign held in Bogotá and in 7 towns of Colombia where the wax palm branches were replaced for live plants which was promoted by delivering more than 4,300 live plants across the country during the