Please support the conservation work of ProAves

Why Support ProAves:
ProAves has dedicated 12 years to saving the most endangered habitats and species in Colombia. Our science-based targeted actions have saved 627,773 acres across Colombia, including the direct acquisition of over 50,000 acres of forests at imminent risk of destruction, now protected forever. We are saving the planet's most imperiled biodiversity. We work with poor rural communities to develop sustainable economies and improve livelihoods.

When you support us you are supporting real conservation actions

100% of your donation will buy and save critical habitats:
$1,000 will save 435,000 sq feet (10 acres)
$100 will save 43,500 sq. feet (1 acre)
$50 will save 21,780 sq. feet
$25 will save 10,890 sq. feet

Please contact ProAves Executive Director for assistance in English or Spanish:

Telephone +57-1.340.3261 or +57-1.340.3229 (Bogotá, Colombia)