Protected Areas Team


Luis Felipe Barrera

Director of Conservation and Protected Areas.

Linked to the ProAves since 2004 as a research associate at the Natural Birds Reserve Curassow and as part of the research team of the Monitoring of biodiversity indicators project. His main interests are research and conservation of the biodiversity of our country.



Southwest Region

El Pangán, Mirabilis Swarovski and Zamarrito de pinche Bird Reserves.



Luis Gabriel Mosquera

Deputy Director.





Roberto García Ortiz

Ranger at the Pangán Bird Reserve.





Carlos López

Ranger at the Pangán Bird Reserve.



Neyver_MeloNeyver Melo

Ranger at the Mirabilis Swarovski Bird Reserve.




Central Region

Ranita Dorada, Andian Parrots, Giles Fuertes’s, Fuertes’s Parrot, El Paujil and El Mirador Bird Reserves.



Robinson Lasso

Deputy Director.

Veterinarian graduate of the Universidad del Tolima, with 20 years of experience in management, medicine and conservation of the Colombian neotropical wildlife, plus has experience in productivity and environmental projects with rural communities.




José Adam Rojas

Ranger at the El Paujil Bird Reserve.




Ramn_Antonio_CiroRamón Antonio Ciro

Ranger at the El Paujil Bird Reserve.




Pantaleón Guayara

Ranger at the Ranita Dorada Reserve.





Juan Carlos Camacho

Ranger at the Fuertes’s parrot Bird Reserve.

He supports the restoration process, surveillance and research programs and conservation of the Coroniazul parrot (Hapalopsitacca fuertesi) since September 2009. Caring for the fauna y flora is one of his greatest interests.


Northeast Region

Cerulean Warbler, Pauxi Pauxi, Niceforo’s Wren and REcurve-billed Bushbird Bird Reserves.


Ana Esperanza Contreras

Deputy Director.

Biologist of the University Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia (UPTC). Her interests are the management and conservation of biodiversity in the country with the cooperation of communities.



Carlos Julio Rojas

Coffee farm manager of the Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve.




Noel Mayorga

Rager at the Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve






Manuel_MenesesManuel Meneses

Manager of the Niceforo’s Wren Bird Reserve.




José del Carmen Barbosa

Ranger at the Recurve-billed Bushbird Bird Reserve.






Hugo Fuentes

Ranger at the Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve.




Libardo León

Ranger at the Pauxi pauxi Bird Reserve.





Caribbean Region

El Dorado and Chincherry Bird Reserve.


Bertulfo Montero

Manager of the El Dorado Bird Reserve.





Lorenzo Mora

Ranger at the El Dorado Bird Reserve.




Southeast Region

Orange-Breasted FAlcon Bird Reserve and the Project Alejandra.



Juan Carlos Rivas

Deputy Director.



Fredis Murillo

Ranger at the Project Alejandra.



Northwest Region

Yellow eared Parrot, Chestnut-capped Piha, Las Tangaras and Dusky Starfrontlet Bird Reserves.


Lady Johanna Villa Díaz

Deputy Director.




Luis Rubelio García

Manager of the Dusky Starfrontlet Bird Reserve.

He has been linked to the Fundación ProAves as a ranger since 2007 at the Colibrí del sol Bird Reserve, a post in which he stood out for his enthusiasm and dynamism. He currently serves as administrator of the same Reserve, his main interest is to work for the conservation of the birds of Colombia.





Edwar Guarín

Ranger at the Yellow Eared Parrot Bird Reserve.

I graduated in Ecology and Tourism of the University of Antioquia, a lover of Nature, I’m sure whoever cares for her is caring for their home, I feel immense passion for birds, seeing them fly makes my imagination fly with them, since they are the ultimate expression of freedom. I worry about the limited capacity of conservation that we human beings have as we are limiting the possibilities for our descendants.




Ubernei García Usme

Ranger at the Las Tangaras Bird Reserve.

Linked to the ProAves since February 2010, his main interest is the conservation of Nature so as to have a future to offer our children.




Rafael Antonio Arboleda Rodas

Ranger at the Las Tangaras Bird Reserve.




José Aicardo Echavarría Pérez

Ranger at the Dusky Starfrontlet Bird Reserve.

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