X Luis_Villamil

Administrative Area Team

Luis_VillamilLuis Villamil




Baldomero_Fonseca-2Baldomero Fonseca


Accountant of UNIAN, he joined the ProAves in 2007. His function is to direct and organize the accounting department, seeking efficiency and effectiveness in the shortest time possible.



Anyesul_Anzola-2Anyesul Anzola

Administrative Coordinator.

Graduate from the Antonio Nariño University as business manager. She has been linked to the ProAves since May 2008. She is responsible for the administrative processes in the area of personnel, inventory management, purchasing, legalization and financial aspects.



palomaKruzi Paloma Carrillo

Assistant Accountant.

Accounting Student of the University with 5 years experience in the management accounting processes, human resources, commercial and financial sectors, software and magnetic media IMIS.



Tomas_HernandezTomás Hernández


Self-taught advisor. In August 2007, came to manage the systems area. Besides his work he practices Tai Chi Chuan and Aikido.


Carmenza_Urrego_Carmenza Urrego






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