Colombia’s bird checklist increases to 1,934 species!

cover23Colombia’s bird checklist increases to 1,934 species, the greatest of any country, documented in volume 25 of Fundación ProAves’ scientific journal Conservación Colombiana. The journal also presents other articles, including new records for the country of Pileated Finch Coryphospingus cucullatus, Belcher’s Gull Larus belcheri and new records from Providencia island, including the first detailed record for the country of Antillean Nighthawk Chordeiles gundlachii. Finally, an obituary is presented for José Pinto, a Colombian conservationist.


Revision of the status of bird species occurring or reported in Colombia 2018. Conservación Colombiana 25: p. 4-47. Download here.

First record of Red-crested (Pileated) Finch Coryphospingus cucullatus for Colombia. Conservación Colombiana 25: p. 48-50. Download here.

First confirmed record of Belcher’s Gull Larus belcheri for Colombia with notes on the status of other gull species. Conservación Colombiana 25: p. 51-55. Download here.

Notes on some migratory birds rare, new or poorly known on Isla Providencia, Colombia. Conservación Colombiana 25: p. 56-63. Download here.

José Pinto (1983-2017): in memoriam. . Conservación Colombiana 25: p. 64-65. Download here.

Download the entire edition here.

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Distribution models & Action Plan for the Golden-Winged Warbler

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Fundación ProAves has publishes selected papers from the 18th volume of its scientific journal Conservación Colombiana. This edition includes the Distribution models & the Action Plan for the Golden-winged Wabler. Complete edition Download here    

Birds of Colombia 2013

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Fundación ProAves has publishes selected papers from the 19th volume of its scientific journal Conservación Colombiana. This edition includes no less than six scientific papers discussing records of new bird species for Colombia, plus its now annual paper on revisions to Checklist of the Birds of



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ProAves is a purely conservationist NGO, which for more than 10 years has been implementing and developing tools and conservation activities, in order to mitigate the impact caused by the man on the habitats of endangered species. The ProAves conservation area works to contribute to maintaining the


Nº 16 Study and conservation of the birds of San andrés Island

21 September, 2012 • Articles, Colombian Conservation Journal • Views: 2007

Fundación ProAves has publishes the 16th volume of its scientific journal Conservación Colombiana, this edition includes a monitoring of the avifauna of the island of San Andres conducted by ProAves between November 2003 and April 2010. During this period we conducted regularly for about 20 days


Climate change study on Colombian birds highlights the need for new protected areas

22 August, 2012 • Articles • Views: 3042

Climate change is expected to cause shifts in species distributions worldwide, threatening their viability due to range reductions and altering their representation in protected areas. Biodiversity hotspots might be particularly vulnerable to climate change because they hold large numbers of


Please support the conservation work of ProAves

16 August, 2012 • Articles • Views: 1969

  Why Support ProAves: ProAves has dedicated 15 years to saving the most endangered habitats and species in Colombia. Our science-based targeted actions have saved 627,773 acres across Colombia, including the direct acquisition of over 66,718 acres of forests at imminent risk of destruction,


University training and research in our reserves

25 July, 2012 • Articles • Views: 5714

ProAves has 5 reserves open to the public and placed in several of the most important maintained ecosystems in Colombia. These reserves have excellent accommodation, meeting rooms, canteens, electricity, mobile communication and trails; besides it is also possible to observe species of several


Ranita Terribilis Bird Reserve

24 May, 2012 • Articles • Views: 5077

        Phyllobates terribillis. Location: The reserve is situated near the bank of the Timbiqui River, a short distance from the municipality of Timbiqui within the Cauca Department.  The zone is tropical, with hot temperatures of 26°C and above and with humidity levels


Nº 15 Aves de Colombia 2011

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Fundación ProAves has publishes selected papers from the 15th volume of its scientific journal Conservación Colombiana, The print edition will be available on 31 October 2011. This edition includes no less than five scientific papers discussing records of new bird species for Colombia, plus its


Strategic ecosystem management plans

29 March, 2011 • Articles • Views: 3472

ProAves in partnership with the Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible del Urabá (CORPOURABA), worked in developing the study of the current state of the Páramo del Sol and, based on this, the formulation of the Management Plan of the Páramo del Sol. This was developed to comply with


Conservation Plans

29 March, 2011 • Articles • Views: 2159

Dusky Starfontlet Bird Reserve. In order to guide strategies and actions for management, conservation, restoration and sustainable use of Dusky Starfrontlet Bird Reserve and its buffer zone, established a conservation plan. This plan was based on a methodology of The Nature Conservancy which guided


Reciprocal Agreements for Water

29 March, 2011 • Articles • Views: 3648

Agreements Reciprocal for Water is a strategy that meets many of the characteristics of the PSA. These are being developed on a medium-scale between the towns of Roncesvalles (Tolima) with Cucuana River Basin (upstream basin serves as a regulator) and the town of Roncesvalles and El Espinal


Ecological Easements

29 March, 2011 • Articles • Views: 6326

A conservation easement is an agreement between two or more owners in which at least one of them agrees voluntarily to limit the use of part or all of their property called the servant estate in favor of any natural or legal person for conservation purposes and protection of natural resources and


Cerulean Warbler Conservation Corridor

29 March, 2011 • Articles • Views: 6700

Conservation Corridor Natural Bird Reserve Cerulean Warbler. The Cerulean Warbler Corridor was designed and established in 2008 in the town of San Vicente de Chucuri to join the Cerulean Warbler Bird Reserve located in the Serranía de los Yariguíes on the western slopes of the Cordillera


Andean Parrots Conservation Corridor

29 March, 2011 • Articles • Views: 5348

Natural Bird Reserve Andean Parrots. This corridor was designed and established in 2004 having established on loan the Municipal Reserve El Mirador in order to provide adequate management and unite conservation efforts with Fuertes’s Parrot (Hapalopsittaca fuertesi) in the town of Génova


El Pangán Conservation Corridor

29 March, 2011 • Articles • Views: 4402

Nature Bird Reserve El Pangán. This corridor had its beginnings with the establishment of the Nature Bird Reserve El Pangán in 2005 with the support of BirdLife International and Conservación Internacional, under the Program Fund for Strategic Ecosystem Alliance (CEPF). However, the process of


Las Tangaras Bird Reserve

23 March, 2011 • Articles • Views: 16097

 Bangsia melanochlamys     Establishment:  Las Tángaras Bird Reserve was created in October 2009 to protect the habitat of two endemic bird species: The Golden-ringed tanager (Bangsia aureocinta) and the Black-and-gold tanager (Bangsia melanochlamys). The Municipality Carmen de Atrato signed


El Dorado Bird Reserve

15 February, 2011 • Articles • Views: 27560

    The El Dorado Bird Reserve was created on March 31, 2006, based on the urgency of conserving one of the most fragile and important zones in Colombia, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, home to a large number of unique plant and animal species. Location and Area The reserve is located on


EcoTurs Team

7 February, 2011 • Articles • Views: 3414

Ángela Gómez García Deputy Director. Environmental administrator manages the area of ecotourism because she believes that this activity contributes to the conservation of ecosystems and sustainably of biodiversity and in an educational context.   Ana Avila Accounting and administrative


Administrative Area Team

7 February, 2011 • Articles • Views: 2933

Luis Villamil Auditor.     Baldomero Fonseca Accountant. Accountant of UNIAN, he joined the ProAves in 2007. His function is to direct and organize the accounting department, seeking efficiency and effectiveness in the shortest time possible.     Anyesul Anzola Administrative Coordinator.


Team Legal Department

7 February, 2011 • Articles • Views: 2381

  Carlos Andrés Garzón Sastoque Legal Assistant. Lawyer of the Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino, a specialist in Environmental Law of the External University of Colombia. I am a lawyer, an environmentalist at heart.   Yamile Hernández Paralegal. Graduated as Professional Technical in


Communications Team

7 February, 2011 • Articles • Views: 2341

Ivón Alzate Riveros Deputy Director. Social communicator and journalist with an emphasis on organizational communication, she graduated in 2004 from the Central University. The first contact with ProAves was to participate in the eco-volunteer program, she now leads the dissemination of the


Environmental Education Team

7 February, 2011 • Articles • Views: 2642

  Fernanda Martínez Membership and Environmental Education Coordinator. Professional in Marketing and Advertising at the University Foundation Area Andina, she graduated in 2009. From my experience I want to contribute to meeting the ongoing work of the foundation, it is a mission that needs the


Research team

7 February, 2011 • Articles • Views: 3059

  Alexander Monsalve Deputy Director. He joined the ProAves in 2004 as ProAves researcher at the El Paujil Bird Reserve and has continued with his research and conservation activities in various reserves of the ProAves. His interests are based on using his work and knowledge to contribute to


Conservation Area Team

7 February, 2011 • Articles • Views: 2798

Heidy Milena Valle Ospina Deputy Director of Restoration and Conservation. Biologist of the University of Tolima, joined the ProAves coordinating the conservation area project Ognorhynchus in 2003. Currently she serves as Assistant Director of Restoration and Conservation, the work fills her with



7 February, 2011 • Articles • Views: 2265

Alonso Quevedo Gil Executive Director. Conservation in Colombia, for a secure future for our birds. Mónica Parada Assistant Director. Biologist of the University El Bosque, Interested in the study and conservation of biodiversity in Colombia, a person with technical knowledge for both the


Neotropical Migratory Bird

4 February, 2011 • Articles • Views: 0

  Oreothlypis peregrina The National Programme for the Monitoring and Preservation of Migratory Birds is a ProAves Foundation initiative carried out with the cooperation of Preservation International so as to monitor and preserve endangered neotropical migrant birds with the help of the 27

Monitoring 2009- 2010

3 February, 2011 • Articles • Views: 1397

Initiative for the conservation of Golden-winged Warbler – Results 2010 Sampling Sampling of Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) were conducted in five countries in winter: Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Venezuela. These countries were selected based on several parcels


Pyrrhura calliptera

1 February, 2011 • Articles • Views: 2020

P. calliptera The Brown-breasted Parakeet (P. calliptera) is considered a species vulnerable to extinction (VU) by IUCN, mainly because of its restricted geographical distribution, as is known in less than 10 localities (BirdLife International 2009). In each of these, it is assumed that the

Threatened Parrots

31 January, 2011 • Articles • Views: 7197

Yellow-eared Parrot (Ognorhynchus icterotis) The Psittacidae family is one of the bird families most threatened in the world. In Colombia it is represented by 53 species; 21% of them are included in an endangered category due to the destruction of their habitat and the exploitation of these birds


Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia

17 January, 2011 • Articles, Field Guides • Views: 4350

Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia. Description: Coinciding with Colombia’s 200th anniversary as a republic, the world’s most bird-rich nation finally has a new field guide. The book is easy to use and constitutes the first pocket field guide for the world’s most diverse avifauna. Authors:


ProAves Reserves

12 January, 2011 • Articles, Carrousel • Views: 19673

Protecting critical habitats ProAves has established within the framework of the Conservation, 27 Reserves aimed at protecting the habitat of different species as birds with some degree of threat. To visit El Dorado Reserve click on:           The


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Reservas ProAves Google

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Por favor apoya las acciones de conservación de ProAves

14 November, 2010 • Articles • Views: 1370

Por que Apoyarnos? ProAves ha dedicado 10 años a salvar y proteger los hábitats y las especies en peligro crítico de extinción en Colombia. Nuestras acciones enfocadas hacia acciones directas de conservación, basadas en investigaciones científicas han salvado hasta la fecha 254.056


Proaves en Colombia Mapa

14 November, 2010 • Articles • Views: 1571

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About ProAves

25 October, 2010 • Articles • Views: 13398

Fundación ProAves hatched in 1998 out of the initiative of a group of dedicated Colombian conservationist interested in saving the Yellow-eared Parrot. ProAves’s mission is to protect birds and their habitats in Colombia through research, conservation actions and community outreach. ProAves is a

Board of Directors 2019

25 October, 2010 • Articles, Destacados, News, Proaves, últimas noticias • Views: 5143

After the arrival of the new ProAves Executive Director, Luis Alfonso Ortega, the Foundation has commenced a new era for conservation in Colombia. Luis Alfonso’s immediate action was to strengthen and diversify a new Board of Directors. On July 19 2019, a new heterogeneous Board of Directors