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Alexander Monsalve

Deputy Director.

He joined the ProAves in 2004 as ProAves researcher at the El Paujil Bird Reserve and has continued with his research and conservation activities in various reserves of the ProAves. His interests are based on using his work and knowledge to contribute to environmental conservation of the country.

Thomas_DoneganThomas Donegan




Blanca_HuertasBlanca Cecilia Huertas


Diana_VillanuevaDiana Carolina Villanueva Ceballos

YARÉ II Project Coordinator: Research and evaluation of threatened species of the Serranía de los Yariguíes, Santander.

She is part of the project team YARÉ from the first phase in 2005-2006. She has shown great interest in the study of mammalogy and their conservation, conducting different investigations, in which she has had the opportunity to involve the community.


 DiegoDiego Riaño

Researcher at the herpetofauna characterization Reserve Las Tangaras and the Páramo de Sonsón Project.

Biologist of the Pontificia Javeriana University, orientated to the development of various studies related to reptiles and amphibians in Colombia, management and conservation of wildlife, he has been involved in research related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and has extensive knowledge about the reptiles of the Orinoco region in Colombia.

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